Thursday, January 15, 2009

In the spotlight

In the spotlight
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We went for a walk along the beach the other evening after dinner, one of the benefits of the long evenings we get this far south, it was a popular place to be too, there weren't any swimmers or surfers but there were plenty of other walkers.

There is more sand on that beach than I've seen for years, which makes a stark contrast to the winter when they were worried about coastal erosion and sand loss. In winter you'd be rock hopping to get to the steps that lead up to the esplanade, at the moment the steps are half covered with sand; perhaps the most noticeable change is to the poles that appear in many of my photos, at the moment the taller ones nearer the sea would only stick out of the sand by about a metre or less, whereas in the past winter you'd be looking up at them and the ones at the back were almost completely covered.
I don't know where all the sand has come from but I'm sure it's more golden than the sand that's usually there and has tiny shells in it.

On our way back down the beach toward to the esplanade the sun decided to peek through a hole in the cloud cover and the light was so dramatic -with amazing shadows and silhouettes. I had the wide angle lens on so those distant silhouettes were actually much closer than they appear. And just as quickly as it has arrived the sun disappeared behind the clouds again.