Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishing you all a magical Christmas...

It's Christmas tomorrow and the presents are wrapped, the cake is iced and the trifle is made. Having trifle for Christmas is a tradition in our family...Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a trifle, not a jelly or fruit trifle but a whisky one. I am still a bit of a novice in the trifle making stakes, but my mother makes a great one, and Grandma used to make one that would make you hair stand on end!
Grandma and my Aunt Polly were teetotallers "not a drop of alcohol shall pass my lips" but at trifle making time they could be found in the kitchen whisky bottle in hand, with much tasting along the way to make sure the trifle was strongly flavoured enough.

Anyway here's a basic recipe for whisky trifle, the way our family does it anyway. All quantities are approximate :-)

Take one basic sponge cake (I use the size you make in a rectangular sponge roll tin) and cut it in half and sandwich it together with a generous layer of raspberry jam.
Cut it into cubes and place in bowl.
In a jug dissolve about 2 tbsp sugar with about 1 -1 1/2 cups of hot water, add a generous quantity of whisky; I don't measure this but add enough to get a decent flavour (probably half a cup or more) the flavour does develop on standing but you should be able to taste the whisky at this stage!
Pour this over the sponge, you need to get the sponge really wet, this is the secret of a good trifle.
Make 2 cups of custard -(I use 2 tbsp of custard powder and 2 tbsp sugar and 2cups milk), but you could use real egg custard or bought custard.
Pour this over the sponge. Refrigerate when cold.
You probably could eat it the same day but I find it better the next when the flavour has developed.
Serve with whipped cream.
A little tip! The trifle at the bottom of the bowl has the best flavour!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Recognise this?

Recognise this?
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Earlier in the year I was approached by an Indie Seattle band The Soft Hills who wanted to use my artwork on their forthcoming debut EP.Naturally I was happy to oblige and after many emails they decided on the artwork you see here.

The original photo was one I had entered in a Man Ray contest with Paul Grand's French finca being the starting image but transported to a NZ landscape with added phone box :-)

The inside of the EP also features one of my images
Soft hills

The package containing my copies of the CDs arrived today and opening it was like opening a surprise Xmas present. I think it's come out beautifully and the music is great too!
You can see Garrett and the rest of the group in action Here