Sunday, July 30, 2006


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My first post at this attempt to keep a photo blog. It will hopefully just be a record of my doings via photos.

Over the weekend my husband and I visited Alexandra in Central Otago. Yesterday morning we went for a walk along the rail-trail; the rail trail used to be the main Central Otago railway line but a few years ago it was closed and subsequently turned into a cycle walking track. It is very popular especially in summer as the gradient is gentle and it goes through some very spectacular scenery. Our walk yesterday took us over the Manuherikia bridge and a short way along the track. Naturally I had my camera but it was very overcast and dull so things weren't very inspiring photography wise. I did spot this "Old Man's Beard" vine growing beside the track and snapped a pic but it wasn't till I opened the file on the computer that I discovered the broken branch.

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