Friday, December 05, 2008

Recognise this?

Recognise this?
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Earlier in the year I was approached by an Indie Seattle band The Soft Hills who wanted to use my artwork on their forthcoming debut EP.Naturally I was happy to oblige and after many emails they decided on the artwork you see here.

The original photo was one I had entered in a Man Ray contest with Paul Grand's French finca being the starting image but transported to a NZ landscape with added phone box :-)

The inside of the EP also features one of my images
Soft hills

The package containing my copies of the CDs arrived today and opening it was like opening a surprise Xmas present. I think it's come out beautifully and the music is great too!
You can see Garrett and the rest of the group in action Here


paulgrand said...

Very Nice Jill!
And I love their music.
Hope its the first of many! :-)

fernando [ pixelstains ] said...

I can relate to this experience :) Congratulations Jill... I hope you get to experience it more frequently.
I did not see a credit to you on the notes... perhaps I missed it. I love working with indie groups for next to nothing, but I always ask for some kind of credit.

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Thanks Paul!
And thanks Fernando, yes I did get credited on the cover, it's at the bottom and I've also been told they've had many compliments on the artwork too.

Flemming said...

Wonderful artwork Jill!
And the music is great.

A Life In Focus Photography said...

yay for you Jill! nice to visit your blog.