Thursday, October 09, 2008

Another new toy!!

Another new toy!!
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My BBF camera finally arrived yesterday along with the photos I took when I was trialing it back in June (I wrote about it Here). It was wonderful to relive the week I had the camera through the photos I took. There are plenty of boring ones but there are some that I like -a surprisingly sharp one of a fence post is one of my favourites -I say surprisingly sharp because estimating distances for focus isn't one of my strong points. I now know that landscapes with a large amount of sky don't really work and that simple graphic subjects are the best. Considering I hadn't been a film camera user for several years I am surprised at how well the photos turned out.

The camera came in a clear plastic dome and I see from the instruction booklet it's referred to as a "birdcage" and you have to "set the camera free" before you can use it.
I can't wait to get the camera loaded with film so I can try it out the different masking options, it's so much fun to use!

The BBF page at Superheadz has more information on the camera and their gallery features a few of the photos I took.


L'Atelier said...

looks like a fun toy to have- would like to see the photos you made :)

paulgrand said...

Very cool looking contraption, Jill!

Silvia said...

This sounds great, i love the 'freeing of the camera' idea.
Your first pic with the holes has a neat look, i'd love to see more. Ah, your picture of the camera on top of pics, looks fantastic. Thanks for the tips of what works and doesn't.