Thursday, October 02, 2008


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No this isn’t going to be a blog entry about the virtues of dandelions or recipes for dandelion wine and salad but a story of my own special dandelion.
Years ago when I was at high school, we were studying plant biology and reproduction and this included growing plants from seeds and cuttings. You probably all know how easily they grow from small pieces of root, well this is what I did and it grew beautifully into a very handsome dandelion plant.Rather than throw away my plant at the end of the year I took it home and grew it like a pot-plant and it thrived on the attention as you can imagine. It even came with me when I started a new job in a different city and was staying at the YWCA. Visitors to my room were always puzzled as to why I had a dandelion in a pot on my windowsill –they probably thought I was slightly strange! Eventually though it succumbed to drought, the fate of many of my pot plants:-) I've always had a soft spot for these weeds since then.


L'Atelier said...

beautiful photograph!
lovely blog- i found it though flicker.

Smashed said...

I like dandelions, too.