Monday, August 11, 2008

The hive

The hive
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I am a bee-keepers daughter, so I've grown up knowing and liking bees, from a distance anyway as I am or at least was allergic to their stings as were my mother and sister. Apparently this is quite common in bee-keepers families as I think you become sensitised from the bee venom and pollen brought in on the clothing of the bee-keeper.

One of the highlights of the bee season was the arrival of the new Queens. They would arrive by mail from somewhere up north in a package marked "Live Bees" each in their own little wooden box with sugar or something similar for food. I'm sure the post office handled these packages with great care! These queens, which had been bred for quietness and productivity were added to hives which were ailing or where the queen had died and added new blood to the colony.

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paulgrand said...

I can almost hear the drone of bees from here!
Fascinating to hear they are sent through the post!
Sublime image.