Friday, August 01, 2008

Path to the sea

Path to the sea
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Since it's so wet here at the moment -I don't think we've even seen any blue sky for well over a week, I did some archive surfing to find a slightly warmer landscape.
This was taken at the mouth of the estuary at Waldronville, a small seaside suburb just south of Dunedin. Waldronville is known for it's quirky street names, they are nearly all named after aircraft so you have a Friendship Drive, Vulcan Road, and a Vampire Road for example.
The beach is a long flat one and we walked north towards the rocky point that's Blackhead accompanied by the noise of gunfire!! The Dunedin pistol and smallbore rifle club is just over the dunes and it sounded like there was a running battle going on. The beach here is not suitable for swimming as there is a wastewater outfall but further north at the Blackhead end of the beach is popular with surfers.


paulgrand said...

Such a shame about the local pollution, it looks so inviting!

fernando [ pixelstains ] said...
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fernando [ pixelstains ] said...

ah! here you are... I did not know of this little locale, but I like it. I can comment on your photos, without the flickr pollution :)) Just added the RSS... but also it has me itching for me to getback to my (much abandoned) blog.

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Thanks Paul! And thanks Fernando, it's great to see you here, I'm not sure how long my blogging will last but I'm feeling sort of inspired at the moment. I'll keep an eye open for yours :-)