Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The beach in winter

The beach in winter
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We are lucky here in Dunedin that we have so many wonderful beaches just a few minutes walk or drive away. This is St Clair the most popular of the city beaches. On the chilly and damp Saturday when we were here the beach apart from some people walking their dogs the beach was empty; for once we managed to time our visit to low tide so we could actually walk on the beach rather than along the track at the top of the dunes. These poles, probably the remainder of an old wharf or pier are a magnet for photographers, I don't think anyone with a camera walks past them without taking a photo, and usually on a Saturday there is a wedding party or two here getting their photos taken but there were none on this day.

We walked back to the car via the park behind the dunes and naturally by that time it had started to drizzle.

I used a digital lith effect on this image, it was originally warmly toned but after "playing" decided the subtle blue toning reflected the chilly conditions more accurately.

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paulgrand said...

Great minimalist shot!