Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looks a lot like Christmas

Looks a lot like Christmas
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Getting sparkling circular bokeh like this is such a hit and miss affair for me. It seems to be a matter of using the right lens, in my case an old 50mm 1.7 prime at the widest aperture, having the light in the right place -back or side lighting seems to be the best, and having something that catches the light behind the main subject. In this case it was water droplets from the recent rain on the branches in the background, or at least I think it's the droplets, maybe it was just the way the light was coming through the leaves.

Hopefully if the sun finally manages to come out in the next few days I will practice my bokeh shooting technique ready for the next bokeh Wednesday.

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paulgrand said...

Nice and fresh, I can smell it from here! O_O