Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dunedin's Jaffa Race

Jaffa Race
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Last week our annual chocolate festival was on here in Dunedin -there are many events but the one I went to was the jaffa race. Jaffa's which are large round orange lollies, hard candy on the outside and chocolate on the inside are rolled down Baldwin St, the world's steepest street (and I can confirm it's very steep!) Each jaffa is numbered with a paper sticker and at the end of the jaffa first through a chute is declared the winner and some lucky person gets a prize.
This year the morning was grey and drizzly and I was wondering if the race was going to be held at all but luckily it cleared before hand. The race is over in seconds and watching the jaffa's coming down the hill is amazing, it's like a fast moving sheet of orange. At the end of the race kids race to pick up the battered jaffas, (many come armed with bags for the purpose) and I watched as the trickle of water coming down the gutters turned to red.
This photo is from a couple of years ago as my shots this year didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.

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