Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BBF Camera

About a month or so ago, I was approached by the nice people at Powershovel a Japanese crowd who develop and sell toy cameras, and asked to try out a new camera they are developing. Of course I said yes! The camera, known as the BBF is a twin lens plastic camera that takes 35mm film. I had the camera for a week and in that time had to take 5 rolls of film, then both camera and film were sent back to Japan. If the photos are any good they will be used for promotion of the camera which is to be released in about August. Using the camera was a learning experience for me, it's ages since I used a film camera and especially one with so few controls. First of all I put a trial film through to try and figure out what worked and what didn't, then it was onto the real stuff. I can tell you that taking 5 x 36 exposure films in a week isn't easy, especially when it's winter!
The camera has two exposure settings, sunny and cloudy, about 5 focus settings ranging from .8 of a metre to infinity. Photos can be taken in bulb mode or normal, there's a hotshoe for flash and there's a mask thing that you can put inside that gives you square photos (I didn't have one of these).
Anyway I really enjoyed using the camera and am looking forward to September when I get my photos back (and can find out what rubbishy shots I've taken) and they are also sending me a camera of my own!
Here is one of the trial shots I took with the camera, some fennel growing in our garden -cross processed using photoshop. Using this camera inspired me to get my own real TLR so as a result I am now the proud owner of Lubitel, but more on that at a later date :-)

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I came to this blog entry from looking up BBF Camera. I am going to try to find your posts for when you got your film back from Japan.

I have a Diana+F and will be getting a Diana Mini this week. But I can't wait to get a Lubitel in the fall. Hope to see some of your Lubitel photos and see how you like it!